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3 Hands High: Guestbook

Phillis Funderburk

May 10, 2016

Was getting ready to hit the trail after an afternoon at the Rolling Oaks Music Festival when I heard that 2 of the 3 Hands High were going to play soon, so I had to stick around for their set. Oh yes! I am so glad I did! I started to smile so big and my body began to sway and my soul felt happy again! Thank you for making my world sunnier and happier and I want to know where all you play so I can smile more!!! Love you guys!! Can I harmonize with you sometime? Oh, yeah.. I did! I was singing right along as I sat in the front row at the festival!! Ha ha! This is truly roots music... gets me to MY ROOTS I know that!! Truly SWEET to hear your music!! Love It!!!

Mike Heimbuch

April 8, 2014

well..........tonight here in Homer Alaska I walked into the house after a long day at the boat building shop where I work and poured a few fingers of discount Irish whiskey and was just preparing for the first sip when my wife walked in and handed me a small flat package from Texas. I saw the sender's address and realized it was from a fellow I shared an evening of trading songs with in Hawaii - several thousand miles from Texas or Alaska. I hesitate to say that after a life spent playing music off and on that I don't much listen to music all that much but the small package had a CD in it from Elliot. So with the strange long evening sunlight that Alaska starts to have this time of year streaming in through the windows I had my daughter put the CD into the electronic contraption that plays them but I don't really know how to use it. The music coming from those speakers set me down. That's no small accomplishment. I am a guy who many decades ago used to play the sort of music Elliot plays - but I lost the thread of it and got into Jazz for maybe way too long. It would be hard to explain what an amazing feeling this CD is leaving on me as I type. There are sounds there from a simpler time when we were homesteaders in Alaska - when our family first drove down to Austin Texas for a couple years in the 60's - when the valid simplicity of acoustic instruments and a night on the dance floor was all a youngster could hope or ask for. So - to Elliot and every single person who played on this album - I'd like to say thank you. As a musician, long after the lights dim and the excitement of applause and rowdy patrons dwindles down - its really good to have someone come up to you and tell you - "you done good". Hopefully they are reasonably sober. So - before this really excellent discount Irish blended whiskey starts speaking louder than I do - "Elliot - you done good" - and it's been a long time since I was moved by the expression of song.

BTW - please give my best to the Molokai wrecking crew - I'll be expecting to see all of you sleeping on my lawn some summer day that will be infinitely colder than Texas hill country in July.

Don Brewer

March 13, 2014

Have not seen you for a long time. Glad to see you are still in music. You are still my favorite yodeler and singer.

diane purcell

January 10, 2014

you gotta love these three! nothing common here.

Billy Bridgeman

January 5, 2014

Elliott, I just read your profile in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine that led me to the 3 Hands High website. Glad I took the time to visit. Great sound. Love the guitars, vocals and Janice's bass. Where can I purchase a CD? Also, thanks for your contribution to the magazine. I, too, discovered my love for flatpicking listening to Doc Watson on "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" album in high school and am now trying to learn more about the art. Hopefully I can find the time to see you at Camp Bluegrass one year.

Debra Millican Sirois

December 27, 2013

Met Jill years ago listening to her fabulous voice and a few trailrides. I still listen to my cassette!!!! I'm Hitting the Trail Tonight. Would love to see and hear you again.

Patsy Jo Miles

October 19, 2013

I just heard your CD and I love it!!! Your music is FANTASTIC! How can I purchase some of them?
Patsy Jo Miles
(979) 814-0686

david davis

October 9, 2013

Sure have missed you guys really bad I have just had a very busy schedule hope you all are doing great and I truly hope to see you soon email me and I will make it when I can you guys r #1 always sincerely Tye dye Dave

Wout Vantellingen

October 3, 2013

Jill, Janice, Elliott,
It was wonderful to have y'all at the house on September 29 playing for Deborah and her guests on her birthday.
Great music and y'all are wonderful people.

Gina Ayliffe

August 11, 2013


My husband and I are Housesitting in the Blanco area and decided to go to the Redbud Cafe this past Friday night for some live music - and live you were! What a great sound you have! We had a wonderful time and will be keeping an eye on your calendar.


Gina Ayliffe

The fans

July 31, 2013

We were visiting a shop in Wimberley when we heard music we werent familiar with. The lady (Jill) told us it was her group and showed us the CD. We bought 2 and are now home listening. LOVE the Texas comtempary cowboy music and looking forward to more. LOVE both CD's.

Don Brewer

December 5, 2012

Glad to have found you again. I have not seen or heard you in a long time I hope you are well and happy. I do get to Texas occasionally and maybe I can catch one of your shows

Mike Countryman

June 10, 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed listening to you yesterday at the Blanco Lavender Fest.
How long before a CD is available?

John Fry

April 10, 2012

Wow, your show at Linda's Fine Foods was simply great!!! Loved every song and your harmonies are wonderful. Thanks for a fun evening.

Marlene Hahn

February 27, 2012

Saw you at Alpine this weekend. Loved the music! Would like to know if you have CD's out? If so, where can I purchase?

Sheryl Sultenfuss

January 31, 2012

Hi. Looking to get hooked up with your schedule so I can hear y'all perform. I'm really excited about the 3 of y'all together and I LOVE Jill's yodeling.

Andy Alexander

October 23, 2010

Just want to thank you again for coming to Uvalde for a concert. Thoroughly enjoyed the varied music that is so hard to find live anymore.
Please come again.

Hollis & Beaux at the Happy Horse Hotel

June 10, 2010

Hey there! Looking to get in touch
with Jill. Happy Horse Hotel here,
out in Bastrop ... old riding buddies and we've lost touch since the
last ride so I'd appreciate it if you could tell her
I'm inquiring ! Ph # 512-303-0589
if she doesn't do email. THANKS SO MUCH !!!